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The attorneys at the Pacific Attorney Group are ready to help you with your Los Angeles or Orange County retail store premises liability claim. We offer a consultation to determine whether you have a case against the retail store owner and can advise you as to the best plan of action going forward – to greatly increase your chances of getting compensation for your injuries.

Retail stores, such as grocery or clothing stores, sometimes put customers at risk for a premises liability injury due to the owner’s negligence in inspecting and maintaining the property. Did you know that retail store owners are actually required to do regular inspections of aisles and floors to ensure they are safe for customers? If they fail to do this, they can be held liable for negligence.

Probably the most common injury at a retail store is a slip and fall. This may occur when a custodian is cleaning the floors and fails to put up a warning sign cautioning customers about the danger of slipping. Another example is when merchandise breaks and causes a spill and that spill goes unnoticed or does not get cleaned immediately. Either situation could easily cause a person to fall and get injured.

Los Angeles and Orange County Retail Store Injury and Accidents

Our premises liability attorneys will tell you that any retail store owner has the responsibility of maintaining their property in order to keep it safe for visitors and customers. This responsibility is not limited to fixing something when it breaks or spills. This also includes maintaining the property and merchandise so it does not create or cause a dangerous situation to occur and injure a customer.

If you have been injured at a retail store, this may qualify as premises liability. Our lawyers may be able to win compensation for medical expenses, wage loss, and even emotional damages. The amount you are eligible for will depend upon the percentage the store owner was at fault – that is to say, the proof that the store owner was entirely or partially at fault in your accident. It will also depend upon the extent of your injuries and the impact those injuries have had on your life.

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