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Municipal Liability

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Municipal liability refers to the legal accountability of a city or county government in certain matters, such as accidents or injuries on government-owned or controlled property. Just as a private property owner may be held liable for a hazardous condition on his or her property that caused injury to a lawful visitor, so may the government. For example, you may be injured in a city park or while walking down the street. A defective streetlight may have caused an auto accident in which you or a loved one was involved. You may have slipped and fell in a large pothole while crossing the street, or perhaps you were assaulted on city property. In any of these situations, it is possible that you have grounds for a municipal liability clam.

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Because municipal liability claims involve government entities, the statue of limitations (amount of time in which a victim must file a claim or lawsuit) is restricted to 6 months from the date or discovery of the injury. You will have only a short time to file a claim, or you will forever lose your legal right to do so. Not only that, cases against the government may be highly complex due to the restrictive nature of these claims as well as potential immunity in some situations. It is best to involve a premises liability attorney who is experienced in handling municipal liability lawsuits, who can ensure your legal rights are well-protected.

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